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  • Sodalite

    Sodalite is named after its sodium content. This stone works as a mental regulator, it compensates for the excess of mental activity, but it is also useful for stimulating the mind if necessary. It helps in the comprehension of other's problems. It inspires with the wish of truth and justice. It is also useful for cleaning electromagnetic pollution caused by electronic devices, like computers or TVs, just by pacing a piece on top of the machine.

  • Amazonita

    Amazonite. The name is taken from the Amazon river. It is associated with the Virgo astrological sign.

  • Chalcedony

    The name "chalcedony" is derived from Khalkedon, an ancient city located on the Bosphorus It is a mineral related with quartz, which with it shares the same chemical formula, except that Chaledony does not form well developed crystals. The crystals that give body to this mineral are tiny, so small that they are barely perceptible, forming a structure known by the name of microcrystalline. Chalcedony is the symbol of love and maternal love. It is used to absorb negative energies and it appears to be very suitable to treat the state of melancholy and anger, it also gives strength to the voice. It was once customary to give to young women and mothers chalcedony figures with omen of good luck and happiness.

  • Lapis lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is a Latin word meaning "stone", and Lazuli is taken from the Persian "lazaward", the name of the stone in Persian. In the ancient civilization of Sumer it was believed that whoever carried Lapis Lazuli was carrying the true presence of God. In the Ancient Egypt it was used to do figurines of the God Khepri. Lapis lazuli is known as the stone of communication, as it improves rational thinking. It is highly regarded for use in meditation. It is also effective against emotional imbalance.

  • Citrine

    The name citrine comes from the French word "citron" (lemon) because of its characteristic yellow color. In previous times, the citrine was used as a talisman to protect against plagues, ease skin problems and keep away evil thoughts. In addition, it was often used and as a spell against snake bites and other venomous reptiles. Citrine promotes inner peace and stability and it is associated with prosperity and generosity. It contributes positively to your state of humor by increasing your capacity to concentration. It is frequently used in cases of depression, mania, phobias and self-insecurity. Citrine is a mineral that helps activate mental powers; it deflects negative energies of the environment, and it emits an enormous healing energy. Its energy helps activate your physical and emotional systems.

  • Topaz

    Topaz, the stone of love. It controls jealousy and envy. It contributes with the rebirth. Clarifies the mind when we try to orally explain things to others. Topaz generates powerful energetic fields, which activate the creativity, deduction and understanding. It is the art stone.

  • Selenita