Amulet of the goddess of destiny Freyja. Pewter pendant

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Pewter pendant, unalterable tin, copper and antimony alloy. Two sides. With cord
Approx. size : 34 x 42 mm.

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Material Peltre
Uso Colgantes
Color peltre


Celtic double knot. The symbolic union of feminine and masculine energy. Amulet of the goddess of destiny Freyja.

Freyja is described as the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. People invoked her to get happiness in love, to attend births and to have good seasons.

Freyja was also associated with war, death, prophecy and wealth. The Eddas mention that he received half of those killed in combat in his palace while Odin received the other half.

Celtic cult and protection symbol. It is a symbol of privilege and intelligence civilization. It protects us against any damage, especially against forms of oppression.

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