Citrine Magic Bracelet

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Citrine Elastic Bracelet. 8 mm gemstone beads. Approx. size : 180 mm

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Uso Pulseras
Color amarillo




It brings peace and tranquility, as well as vitality, joy and clarity of mind. It removes fears, anguishes or sadness, regenerating the mood balance and emotional harmony. It helps in situations of loss or pain, allowing wounds to heal and overcome grudges.I also attracts good luck and fortune.

The name citrine comes from the French word "citron" (lemon) because of its characteristic yellow color. In previous times, the citrine was used as a talisman to protect against plagues, ease skin problems and keep away evil thoughts. In addition, it was often used and as a spell against snake bites and other venomous reptiles. Citrine promotes inner peace and stability and it is associated with prosperity and generosity. It contributes positively to your state of humor by increasing your capacity to concentration. It is frequently used in cases of depression, mania, phobias and self-insecurity. Citrine is a mineral that helps activate mental powers; it deflects negative energies of the environment, and it emits an enormous healing energy. Its energy helps activate your physical and emotional systems.

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