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Green Garnet Pendant. Sterling silver with chain


Green Garnet pendant mounted in sterling silver. With silver chain.

Approx. size: 15 x 25 mm

In Stock Entrega 24 - 48h

Raw Green Garnet: Raw green garnet is a precious stone renowned for its intense color and unique properties. This gemstone fosters spiritual growth and inner renewal. Moreover, it is associated with revitalizing energy, emotional balance, and inner harmony. Its rough texture and deep green color make it a popular choice for those seeking to connect with nature's energy and promote overall well-being.





1. **Spiritual Growth:** Green garnet is believed to encourage spiritual growth and connection with nature. Its energy is associated with renewal and spiritual vitality.


2. **Vital Energy:** This stone is considered a symbol of vital energy and renewal. It is believed to help revitalize energy and restore physical and mental vitality.


3. **Emotional Balance:** Green garnet is associated with emotional balance and inner harmony. It is believed to help balance emotions and promote a positive outlook on life.




1. **Color and Variations:** The color of green garnet can vary from lighter to darker tones, depending on mineral concentration and geological factors during its formation. Raw green garnet exhibits an intense or deep green color that may vary in hue, from light green to dark green. Its natural appearance may include earthy tones and variations in color saturation.


2. **Texture and Shape:** In its raw state, green garnet typically has a rough texture and an irregular shape. It may feature rough surfaces and natural protrusions characteristic of its natural state.


3. **Transparency and Inclusions:** In its raw form, green garnet may display variations in transparency and may contain mineral inclusions that enhance its uniqueness and natural beauty.


In summary, raw green garnet is a precious stone distinguished by its distinctive color, metaphysical properties, and unique characteristics in its natural form. It is valued for its connection to nature's energy and its ability to promote balance and inner renewal.


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