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Seven Colours incense sticks

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7 colours x 5 sticks  35 sticks

Made in India

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Color marron


Experience the charm of the magic of incense.

Seven incenses for each day of the week. It serves to have full and continuous power 7 days a week, for people who need motivation and also a complete improvement of their lives.

Red. Considered one of the warm colors. It is stimulating and energizing. Red is the color of courage, strength and pioneering spirit.

Orange. It is the color of joy, exaltation and sociability. Stimulates and provides warmth. It is an excellent color for creativity.

Yellow. It is one of the warm colors. It has a stimulating effect. It is the color of the intellect and is very helpful with studies and when concentration is required.

Green. Green is the color of balance and harmony, being very useful in reducing stress. It produces rest and calm in craving.

Blue. It is associated with inner life. Linked to intelligence and the ability to communicate. It symbolizes wisdom and faithfulness.

Indigo. It is the color of divine wisdom and the higher mind. Related to one's own responsibility and awareness.

Violet. It is the appropriate color for meditation and mysticism. It is associated with experience and spiritual matters.

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