Red Jasper Pendulum

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Red Jasper Pendulum. With usage diagram and bag.
Approx. size : 20 x 48 x 20 mm

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Uso Pendulos
Color rojo


A pendulum has many uses: medical (in psionic medicine); to extract or channel energies within our body; to find water, objects or persons; to make predictions; to measure time or gravity...

Jasper gives protection against spells, magic and the evil eye. It has been used since the ancient times to attract love and as an aphrodisiac. Egyptians associated this stone to the blood of Isis, and used it to protect against wounds and to prevent haemorrhage. It is the stone of strong feelings: love, passion and all the big emotions. A highly energetic stone, it is useful for persons suffering from shyness and lack of resolution. It is a great talisman for anything related to work.

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