Chinese symbol of love. Jade and Sterling Silver

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Silver and jade pendant. With silver chain.

Approx. size : 25 x 30 mm

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Material Plata 925
Uso Colgantes
Color verde


Chinese symbol of love. It has a history of more than 5000 years. It is the symbol of Qi (vital energy) combined with the symbols of heart and movement, which form this Chinese ideogram. Love brings vital energy to the heart, and grace to the body. Chinese ideograms aren't just a way of communication, they also are powerful talismans, which reflect their meaning.

The word Jade is derived from the Spanish "piedra de ijada", loin stone. Two different kinds of minerals are called Jade: Nephrite and Jadeite; they are similar at view, but made up of different elements. Jade is called the Justice Stone, it is recommended to carry a piece in a pocket when Justice is required. Jade was already used in Ancient China, Mesopotamia and in Pre-Columbian civilizations. Jade Amulets, utensils and ornaments, dated 5000 years old, have been found in China. According to Chinese Mythology, Jade is dried dragon sperm. According to the Mayas it was the stone of creation. Jade symbolizes clarity, justice, modesty and courage. It is the stone of the feelings and the emotions. It brings good luck in business and in gambling.

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