Cross of St. Peter. Inverted cross

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Silver cross with Moonstone. With Rubber Cord. Silver Clasp.

Approx. size: 30 x 45 mm

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Material Plata 925
Uso Colgantes
Color Plata


Inverted cross, or cross of St. Peter. When St Peter was crucified, he believed he wasn't worthy of being crucified the same way as Jesus, so his cross was inverted, and he was hanged with his feet upward.

Moonstone Its name comes from Latin "petra luna". It is the stone of the moon goddesses Diana, Isis and Selene. It has a milky and translucent appearance, and shows a lightly nacred reflection, called adularescence, which is caused by the presence of albite impurities. It is a mineral from the Feldspar group. It was discovered in the alpine zone of Adula (Switzerland, Italy). It is highly regarded in amulets and talismans. It can help foresee the upcoming, attracts good luck, and it can change its adularescence depending on the energy it receives.

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