Rainbow Obsidian Magic Bracelet

Rainbow Obsidian Magic Bracelet


Rainbow Obsidian Elastic Bracelet. 8 mm gemstone beads. Approx. size : 180 mm

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Stone called Celestial Eye, because it brings us closer to divinity and connects us with the life and creation forces of the universe. It makes us grow and evolve towards perfection, it purifies us and protects us from any evil or harmful energy. It allows us to leave behind pain, disappointment or trauma, starting a path of transformation and growth, renewed and with great vital energy.

Obsidian. Already used in the Stone Age as ornament, and as a tool; highly regarded due to its cutting ability. Nowadays obsidian scalpels are still used in heart surgery, its edge is very thin, so it causes less damage, allowing surgical wounds to heal quickly. Obsidian is black, although it may change depending on the presence of impurities and the way it is cut. If it is cut in parallel it has a black colour, if cut in perpendicular it is gray. As a result of these colours, we can find different kinds of obsidian: Snowflake obsidian, Mahogany obsidian, Rainbow obsidian. Obsidian is known as the stone of justice, it has properties that favour meditation. It is suited for treatment against depressions, anxiety and nervousness.


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