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Shrivatsa. Sterling silver and turquoise

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Sterling silver and turquoise inlay pendant. With rubber cord. Silver clasp.

Approx. size: 28 x 39 mm

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Material Plata 925
Uso Colgantes
Color azul


Shrivatsa. The knot of longevity, it has no beginning or ending. It is originally form Buddhism. It symbolizes infinity and magical eternity, which keeps what is most important to us. It represents a lucky diagram, and the energetic balance we need to have a healthy and happy life. Philosophically, it means the desire to discover the secret to immortality, eternal youth and beauty. It also depicts wandering souls, giving hope to its rebirth, while also making them satisfied.

The word Turquoise is very old. It derives from french "Pierre Turquoise", meaning Turkish Stone. It is believed that this comes from a confusion, because there aren't Turquoises in Turkey, but the first dealers who brought the gemstone to Europe were Turkish. The Turquoises were found in Iran, but they were associated with Turkey. Even the best quality Turquoises are fragile stones, with a maximum hardness level just below 6 in the Mohs scale, slightly less than a normal window glass. Turquoise boosts communication, eloquence and creativity. It is known as the joy and welfare stone. It absorbs negative energy. It helps see life favourably and with good mood. Amulet for travelers. Useful against the evil eye. It helps to increase attention and clarifies ideas.

The turquoise is linked to the zodiac sign virgo.

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