Chinese Zodiac, Tiger

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Tiger's eye hand caved pendant. With chain

Approx. size : 20 x 32 x 8 mm

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Uso Colgantes
Color marron


Its name comes from Latin "Oculus Tigris", because of its similarity to the eye of a tiger. The Tiger's Eye is a yellow and golden brown coloured Quartz variety, with iridescent reflections. It is considered a semiprecious stone. It is known as the Freedom stone. It favours changes. Attracts good luck, and it's used against the Evil Eye. It is an organism cleaner, providing inner strength. It it suitable for introverted people, or for those who need new experiences.

Tigers are adventurous, they enjoy life whenever they encounter new challenges. His passionate energy and his true love of life is contagious and stimulates. They exercise a singular magnetism on others, they are always the center of attention. They are unpredictable, they act on instincts. They will get success because they are used to always winning, they never give up. They must take care of their authoritarianism and learn to listen to criticism

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