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Hermeticism Symbols - Kabbalah

Symbols of esoteric interpretations, first about the Old Testament, and then about secret doctrines which try to interpret the functioning of the world. Kabbalah.


  • Pentacles - Pentagrams

    In esotericism, it is known as the White Pentagram, and it is a basic protection symbol; a shield that returns evil wishes and curses to its origin. When practicing white magic, it gives protection against danger

  • Tetragrammaton

    The Tetragrammaton is an ancient amulet, which was very popular during the Middle Ages; it can still be found nowadays in one of Westminster Abbey's windows. There are many variations of this symbol. The most usual one has four Hebrew letters inscribed in a circle with a pentagram (five-pointed star). The Hebrew letters literally translate to YAHWEH (God, in Hebrew). The amulet is a physical and spiritual protector of health and safety.The Tetragrammaton is an amulet with great protection powers. It is the protector of health and safety in a physical and spiritual sense. Due to its great protection powers, it is also used as a shield against the power of black magic.

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