Magic Symbols

Our magic symbols can be found in different traditions and cultures, and they have been used for people all over the world to attract love an luck, to get happiness, to be protected. Find them in our store, and enjoy them.


  • Good Luck Amulets

    We chase after luck as if it was something we could find around, and we waste our energy running after her; but luck cannot be found randomly, as she is constantly hiding. These symbols will help in the personal work we all must undergo to achieve luck, easing the obtainment of the required positive energies to attract her.

  • Love Talismans

    To help you in the path of love, we introduce our amulet selection. These small pieces of wisdom will help you through that path of growth and strength; which finally will lead you to the gift of someone else`s love, a gift of life which will also allow you to develop your own devotion ability.

  • Protection
  • Life Symbols
  • Strength and power...
  • Wisdom