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  • Tusks and fangs

    The tusk represents human strength, and the ancestral connection with the animal's spirits, those who the humans, in the cradle of civilization, had to face to survive. The tusk of the defeated animal was worn, so its spirit was now at the service of the man. Carrying it in the neck symbolizes the ability to overcome adversaries, and the men's power to prevail in any situation. It's believed that it makes the inner strength arise, that connects us with elder powers and makes us invincible. It also increases the sexual appeal.

  • Mjonir Martillo de Thor
  • Swords, Axes, Arrows

    It is a symbol of power, courage, justice and reason. It is also used as a symbol of authority.

  • Shark Tooths

    Shark Tooth: Used as an amulet since prehistory. The carrier would acquire the power, ferocity and strength of the shark.

  • Feather

    Freedom – Courage – Strength and power – Fight against adversity

    Hopi symbol. Courage and bravery indian symbol. Alone or in groups, it symbolizes the wind and the constant following of destiny. It is related to all  air myths . It is also the symbol of the free spirit.

  • Fossil