Angels, Fairies and Witches

Angels, Fairies and Witches

Fairies, magicians, dragons, elves, myths and magical characters that bring you magical energies to bring light and shine into your lives, to approach a magical and enchanted touch that will open you the doors  to them unknown world.


  • Fylgja Fairies Nymphs

    Fylgja Fairies are playful and free spirits of Norse mythology. The Fairy serves its protect and brings them magical lightning, the sprinkle of miracles, surprises and luck and helps them to discover the unknown.

  • Angel Callers

    Angel Callers are spheres, usually made of silver, which make a mild chime. According to tradition, the sound that the Angel Caller makes when it is shaked connects us with our Guardian Angel, who gives us welfare and protection.

  • Witches

    Witches The Luck Witch, riding her broom, symbolizes the chance to escape adversity and bad luck, and fly towards new territories where luck is on our side. Carrying this witch will turn bad luck into good luck, and will attract the magical energies of white witches.

  • Timanfaya Devil

    "El Diablo" by Cesar Manrique. Timanfaya Devil. Keeper of the peace and tranquillity of volcanoes. It can be seen at the entrance to Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote.

  • Angels

    Our Angel is with us in any time. Not involved directly in our lives, but we ear whispers softly help us to direct our life. At the same time we throw the mantle of protection to make us stronger against evil and the bad influences. Sharpen your ear internal, listen to him.