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  • Dragon

    Mythological Chinese dragon. It is formed by parts of eight different animals. It controls rain and water with its movement. In the Chinese zodiac, represents a being overflowing with health, happiness, vitality and activity. It is a symbol of wisdom, happiness and good luck. It promotes good health and happiness .It protects against the loss of health or love. In Celtic mythology, dragons were intelligent beings that lived in forests guarding treasures.

  • Pegasus

    Winged horse from the Greek mythology. According to the legend, it was born from Medusa's blood, when its head was cut. Pegasus's footprint originated poetical inspiration.

  • Phoenix

    Legend has it that the phoenix lived in the Garden of Paradise, and was nesting in the rose. When Adam and Eve were expelled from the sword Angel that the banished and lit a spark jumped the nest of the Phoenix, making they burned him and his tenant. As the only beast that had refused to taste the fruit of Paradise was awarded several gifts, most prominently the immortality through the ability to rise from the ashes. Has been a command physical and spiritual rebirth, the power of fire, the purification, the first Chinese female or yin and immortality. This animal rises from the ashes demonstrate their inner strength. For the Greeks and Egyptians, was considered a demigod.

  • Unicorn

    The unicorn is a mythological creature, usually represented as a white horse, with antelope legs, goatee and a horn in the forehead.

  • Starfish

    The starfish is a symbol of beauty and survival.

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