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  • Owl

    The Symbol of Wisdom Representation of Athena , the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, the arts and justice. Also a representation of Minerva, the equal of Athena in the Roman Empire..

  • Turtle

    The turtle can be found as an amulet in different cultures, having various meanings in each of them. In South America, hunters thought that the turtle amulet would help them in approaching their preys with silence. In Asia, they are associated to the element of water.

  • Crows
  • Dragon

    Mythological Chinese dragon. It is formed by parts of eight different animals. It controls rain and water with its movement. In the Chinese zodiac, represents a being overflowing with health, happiness, vitality and activity. It is a symbol of wisdom, happiness and good luck. It promotes good health and happiness .It protects against the loss of health or love. In Celtic mythology, dragons were intelligent beings that lived in forests guarding treasures.

  • Pegasus

    Winged horse from the Greek mythology. According to the legend, it was born from Medusa's blood, when its head was cut. Pegasus's footprint originated poetical inspiration.

  • Wolfs

    The wolf is a symbol of power and courage in some cultures.

  • Elephants

    The elephant amulet is originary of India. There, the elephant is a sacred animal, very intelligent and sensible. One of the most important gods, Ganesha, has the head of an elephant, and is considered the wiser god. He is the writer’s god. The elephant amulet gives protection, good luck, and attracts knowledge.

  • Bats

    The Bat, in the western culture, is usually seen as a symbol of the night and the forbidden nature. In the Mesoamerican mythology, the bat is part of the mysterious world related to warriors.

  • Eagle

    Eagle. Power and protection symbol. Many native American tribes considered it a messenger from the gods before it became the symbol of the USA it is today, appearing in the American seal or in American coins. It also was a symbol of ancient European empires.

  • Cats

    In many cultures, the cat is a sacred animal that brings luck. Nevertheless, it is opposite in other cultures, that think that it brings bad luck.

  • Dolphins

    The dolphin is believed to be a protective and good luck animal by many different cultures.

  • Snakes

    The snake is a symbol of protection, luck, and eternal youth. It is also a representation of feminine seduction.

  • Unicorn

    The unicorn is a mythological creature, usually represented as a white horse, with antelope legs, goatee and a horn in the forehead.

  • Ballena y Cola de Ballena
  • Tiburón
  • Tigres
  • Mariposa
  • Starfish

    The starfish is a symbol of beauty and survival.

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