Good Luck Amulets

We chase after luck as if it was something we could find around, and we waste our energy running after her; but luck cannot be found randomly, as she is constantly hiding. These symbols will help in the personal work we all must undergo to achieve luck, easing the obtainment of the required positive energies to attract her.

Good Luck

Four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover brings good luck, and favours wealth and love. It protects us and helps us to find the love of...


In the past, owning a horse was a symbol of prosperity, and the horseshoe was seen as a luxury, as it required a...


To unlock the gates of Love, Luck, Wisdom, Wealth...

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko, the lucky cat. Originally from Japan. When it has the right claw raised, it helps achieving wealth,...

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