Celtic Talismans

These ancient symbols from Northern Europe, the Celts led by the Druids (priests-magi) used for work of self-transformation, were painted on doors, shields, etc .... and offered to use energy the person they represent.

Celtic Magic


Celtic talisman, it symbolizes life, death and rebirth; and the three forces of the universe: earth, water and fire....


Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring given as a friendship or marriage symbol. Two clasped hands hold a heart...

Celtic Cross

Celtic symbol of worship and protection. It connects the archaic circle of the mandala, with the Christian cross,...

Celtic Knot

Talisman of love and friendship. A perennial knot that can never be undone. This symbol was exchanged by friends and...


This Celtic symbol, with the three moving spirals. In the Celtic culture, the Druids were the only ones who could...


The origin of the Basque Lauburu is uncertain but it is believed that to be Celtic or even of ancient Indo-European...

Gods Fairies and Druids

Celtic Gods Fairies and Druids

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