Egyptian Talismans

The Egyptian symbols that we present to you from this ancient culture that shaped its knowledge and relationship with the forces of nature, are an open door to Egyptian wisdom, philosophy, secrets and mysteries, which shows for example, the unexplainable means they used to construct the pyramids. Without modern day technology, how did they raise such huge buildings? Some kind of esoteric knowledge unrecognised by modern science paradigms? From the source of transcendent wisdom, cultures have drunk so much secrecy and hermeticism, like any seeker of truth. Thus, these symbols will open the doors to knowledge and guide you on your journey through life.

Egyptian Talismans

Ankh (Egiptian cross)

Ankh (Egyptian cross). The key to paradise in the Egyptian world, which brings eternal life and proper and correct...

Udjat. Eye of Horus

Protection from evil influences. To get an accurate view of strangers and superiors and to obtain a fair trial. It...


The beetle attracts extraordinary powers, protecting not only the dead physical heart, it also gives new life and...


Atlantis symbol. Discovered in Egypt, at the end of the XIXth century. It is believed to be a symbol from the lost...

Gods and Pharaons

Gods and Pharaons of Egypt

Egyptian Hieroglyphic

Hieroglyphs are a complex writing system, invented by the ancient Egyptians in the Predynastic age.

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