Cookies are a small text file that a web site places on any device, either computer or phone or any other kind, which collects information about the users’ navigation on that web site, in order to facilitate it and makeit easier, without affecting or damaging the used device in any case.

What for do we use cookies on our web site?

Cookies are important for the running of our web site. Its main goal is that the user’s navigation experience is good, and we also use then in order to remember what their preferences are in the current visit and later. We also use cookies to collect useful information for our web site improvement so that we can make it more suitable to the interests shown by our users, ease their searches and speed them up, reasons why we are interested in the usage, frequency, visits’ periodicity, visited sites and, in general, usage patterns. We can also use them in order to offer them products or products ads based on their habits of navigation and their preferences analysis.

What for do we NOT use cookies on our web site?

We never collect in our site cookies sensitive information that could be used to the personal identification of the user, such as their address, password, or their credit or debit card information.

Do we hand over collected information to third parties?

No.The information collected by cookies on our web site is only and exclusively used by us, except for the third-party cookies, which will be later identified, and which are used and managed by external entities that offer services that allow us to optimize our platform and the users’ navigation experience, and are used to ease payment means and obtaining statistics.

Can the used avoid the use of cookies on this site?

If the user prefers so, and taking into account the navigation limitations that this could entail, the cookies can be disabled and they can also limit, block or remove previously saved cookies by this web site on their computer, by acceding the navigation options which to that effect they can find on the browser they usually use and with which they visit our web, either from options or tools, on the settings panel.

What kind of cookies does this web site use?

The following kinds of cookies are used:

Technical cookies:  with these cookies we optimize our web site running and we control its traffic. They also help the user to identify themselves and retrieve their data; they help us remember the items that form an order and other needed technical processes in order to complete a purchase and process it.

Analysis cookies: with these cookies we identify the users who come back to our web site, they allow us to analyze their visits and preferences and improve their navigability, by making it easier and simpler.

What kind of third-party cookies does this web site use?

Google Adwords cookies:  we use this tool in order to advertise our products on Google and its cookies help us assess the success of our advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics cookies: this tool helps us monitoring the users’ visits to our web site. Google analytics does not collect sensitive information such as users’ names, surnames, emails or addresses. It only collects information about the visit origin, language used, visits frequency, length of the visits, browser used, etc. All this data is used to improve our web site.

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