Magic Gemstones


Magical crystals and gemstones: Quartz, Pyrite, Tourmaline, semiprecious stones... All of them are jewels found inside the Earth, and will help usto connect with its energy. They are like friends that guide and help us through the daily adversities; a great little gift from the nature.


Magic Bracelets

Magical stone and gem bracelets are gifts of mother nature gestated in the inside of the earth for millions of years...


Stones to use on the chakras. The chakras are energy points that govern the physical body and regulate the...

Good Luck Gemstones

Lucky Stones

Magic semiprecious stones

Precious and semi precious stones are our most valued minerals, because of their rareness and their special...


A pendulum has many uses: medical (in psionic medicine); to extract or channel energies within our body; to find...

Strenght and Power Gems

Strength and Power stones

Love Gemstones

Gems to improve relationships and love. 

Protection Gemstones

Protection Stones

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