• El Tetragramaton
  • Mano Fico

    The Mano Fico, also called Figa, higa or Powerful Hand. Its form is that of a closed hand, showing the thumb between the index and middle fingers, indicating contempt and protection from impending evil. An amulet used to ward off the evil eye, it is also used against envy and jealousy and to protect against disease. In ancient times, mothers used to place the Higa (made from jet) beside new-borns. Originally from the Iberian peninsula, it eventually spread to different parts of the world under different names.

  • Ojo de Horus
  • Hands

    Hands. Used as a protection and assertiveness symbol since the ancient ages.

  • Ojo Turco Azul
  • Pentagramas y Pentáculos
  • Cruz Caravaca
  • Mano Poderosa