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Love Gemstones

Gems to improve relationships and love. 


  • Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz Love and relaxation stone. It boosts love and affection. Its colour comes from the presence of titanium and manganese impurities. Usually it's found in massive quantities. Rose Quartz is the most relaxing mineral. It provides a great welfare and happiness. It's easy to get attached to this stone. It symbolizes feelings and sweetness. It helps expressing feelings and provides the carrier with self-confidence, strengthening personality. It is very helpful with emotional blockages, produced by bitterness and lack of confidence. The Egyptians regarded it as the Stone of Sacred Love. It is the ideal stone for strengthening love and healing emotional wounds and the pain of separations. When it is dark red it is also known as the Ruby of Transylvania.

  • Garnet

    The name Garnet is derived from Latin "malum granatum", meaning abundance of grains. It is probably referred to the tree pomegranate, which seeds have a size, shape and colour similar to some garnet crystals. Garnet is used in meditation. It boosts creative energy, garnet induce to action and creativity. It is recommended against depression, melancholy and sadness. It is a symbol of friendship, in some places, when two good friends have to separate; they exchange garnets as a symbol of the strength keeping them together. Hermes Trismegistus said that this stone helped pregnant women giving birth.

  • Topaz

    Topaz, the stone of love. It controls jealousy and envy. It contributes with the rebirth. Clarifies the mind when we try to orally explain things to others. Topaz generates powerful energetic fields, which activate the creativity, deduction and understanding. It is the art stone.

  • Pearls

    Pearl is the symbol of kindness, loyalty and justice. It absorbs negative energy and calms its owner. It indicates innocence, purity and modesty.

  • Rhodochrosite

    Rhodochrosite It is the stone of vitality, altruism and compassion. It is especially suitable for people feeling that not enough love is given to them.

  • Amazonita

    Amazonite. The name is taken from the Amazon river. It is associated with the Virgo astrological sign.

  • Fluorite

    Fluorite is a mineral which is easily found in nature. It can be found in geodes or druses. In a pure state it is colourless and transparent, even though many times can have different colouring caused by organic or mineral impurities; usually purple, although it can also be blue, green, pink, orange or yellow. Many varieties are fluorescent. The crystalline varieties are used to carve vessels and other ornaments; the clorophane variety is the one used as a gemstone. It is also used in the manufacturing of high quality optical apparatus. It is a protective stone. It helps to distinguish when receiving external influences or manipulation attempts. It is highly effective against radiation. It is also the most appropriate crystal against any kind of disorganization.

  • Mother-of-pearl

    Nacre (also called mother of pearl), is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by some molluscs. It is a hard, shining, iridescent material. It is formed in the inner shell of some of the more ancient lineages of bivalves, gastropods, and cephalopods to repair their damaged shells or to cover some objects inside of them. This is used by some pearl pickers, placing certain small items inside molluscs, knowing they will be covered in nacre, forming pearls or other valuable objects. The molluscs that produce the most beautiful nacre are the Abalone and the Nautilida, among other. Nacre is used in medicine for skin care, as an exfoliant.