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Ancestral symbols

Ancient cultures. Ancestral symbols


  • Death - Skulls - Dead

    Life expiration and afterlife symbol.

  • Swords, Axes, Arrows

    It is a symbol of power, courage, justice and reason. It is also used as a symbol of authority.

  • Indalo

    Indalo: Ancestral symbol. Its first known representation is found in the cave of "Los Letreros" ("The Signboards"), in Velez, Almeria, Spain. Good Luck symbol. In the past it was painted on the walls of houses with slaked lime, to bring good luck and protection against evil eye and storms.

  • Bereber - Amazigh

    Kabyle is a word of Arabic origin used to designate both the Bedouin and Berber tribes of North Africa and the territory where they settle. During the Spanish protectorate of Morocco, the Kabyles were the basis of the political-administrative organization in the territory. Each was ruled by a Sheik.

  • Others symbols
  • Hittites - Mesopotamia...

    Near Eastern cultures symbols. The cradle of civilization.

  • Classical Greece
  • Atlantis

    Atlantis symbol. Discovered in Egypt, at the end of the XIXth century. It is believed to be a symbol from the lost island of Atlantis.