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  • Quartz

    Mineral formed by Silicon and Oxygen. It can have different colours and formations depending on the temperature reached in the crystallization and the contact with different minerals or metals. Energy is absorbed, stored and regularly released by Quartz. It cleans and reinforces the body and the soul. Boosts concentration and stimulates the memory. It has been known since Prehistory, and it is used in healing processes and as a protection amulet against enemies.

  • Amber

    Its name comes from the Arabic language, related to its lightness. It's a hard, light and brittle substance. When rubbed it becomes electrically charged. It's an organic gem, like jet, pearls or corals. It can have different colors Amber is fossilized tree resin, 25 to 45 million years old. Trees produced the resin as a protection, it felt to the ground and preserved in the earth for millennia. The resin sometimes trapped air bubbles, drops of water, dust particles or small beings, such as insects or plants. It's been used since the ancient times because of its magical, aromatic, electric and healing properties. It is a powerful amulet, with the attributes of healing diseases, dispel negative forces and attract good luck. Formerly, it was also used as a worship or adornment object. It was worn as a pendant or a necklace to relieve goitre or Tonsillitis. In the Nordic countries it is used to prevent nightmares and fears. In Mexico, for protection against evil eye. In the ancient Greece, amber was called "elektron", the origin of the word "electricity".

  • Emerald

    The word Emerald is derived from Greek, meaning green stone. In the ancient times it was considered a symbol of love, rebirth, and eternal youth. Because its green is considered the colour of spring, this stone has been valued since more of 4000 years ago in many different cultures around the world. The first emerald mines historically known are the famous Cleopatra mines, rediscovered in the north of Egypt in the year 1818. The emerald symbolizes wealth; it is a good emotional balancer, it helps purifying the spirit. It works as a stabilizer and tranquilizer. Since the ancient times it is attributed the capability of neutralizing poisons. In the mythology, it is considered a gift from Venus to our planet, and it represents the universal energy in Earth.

  • Aquamarine

    Aquamarine is the blue-green variety of beryl pale, magnatico occurring mineral associated with granitic rocks. His tone aulada and green is due the presence of iron. The name comes from the Latin aqua, aqua marine sea water. Its name refers to its color. Also because of their color, aquamarine was once known as The Sailor's Stone. Formerly the sailors wore as talisman against sickness and storms. During the Middle Ages, the alchemists believed that the Aquamarine prevented the fluid retention and to improve digestion. Also was believed that this stone acted as an antidote to any poison.

  • Shungite

    The Shunguita is a special type of coal, like the jet, from Karelia, between Finland and Russia.

  • Aventurine

    Aventurine The name Aventurine is derived from Italian "Ventura", meaning luck. It is attributed the capability of absorbing negative energies. It is recommended for those suffering from stress, nerves or lack of energy caused by illness or working in excess. It is a stone that provides balance between mind and body. It is recommended to people who are afraid of committing uncontrolled acts. Aventurine reinforces leadership and determination; it promotes compassion and empathy, as it strengthens perseverance. Also, it is highly appreciated to counteract geopathic stress. Carrying aventurine protects us against electromagnetic radiation, absorbing it. In the ancient times it was used in sorcery, and in the healing of spiritual or physical wounds.

  • Agate

    The agate is found in volcanic rocks. It is characterized by a series of concentric bands of similar colors, opaque and translucent, which recall the cutting a tree trunk. The name 'Agate' comes from the river Achates, south of Sicily, Italy, where he says he found the first of these stones. Agate was highly revered by the ancients and was regarded as the stone of science. Also attributed healing powers against diseases eyes or against spider bites and scorpion stings. In Saudi eyes were used as images of the gods. Also found in the eye sockets of mummies of ancient Egypt. In Islam, agates are also very precious stones. According to tradition, a ring of agate, for example, protects the wearer from some mishaps and guarantee longevity, among other benefits.

  • Lepidolite