Energetic Gemstones

Energetic Gems


Mineral formed by Silicon and Oxygen. It can have different colours and formations depending on the temperature...


Aquamarine is the blue-green variety of beryl pale, magnatico occurring mineral associated with granitic rocks. His...


The Shunguita is a special type of coal, like the jet, from Karelia, between Finland and Russia.


Carnelian, also known as Cornelian, owes its name to its color since it is derived from the Latin word caro, carnis...


Its name comes from the Arabic language, related to its lightness. It's a hard, light and brittle substance. When...


The agate is found in volcanic rocks. It is characterized by a series of concentric bands of similar colors, opaque...


Moonstone Its name comes from Latin "petra luna". It is the stone of the moon goddesses Diana, Isis and Selene. It...

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