Antiguo Símbolo Chino de la Felicidad View larger

Ancient Chinese symbol of happiness

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Bronze pendant. Cord and keeping bag included.

Approx. size : 15 x 25 mm

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Material Bronce
Uso Colgantes
Color bronce


This symbol is often given to lovers, at weddings, or in any new business that is undertaken, as a symbol of the desire that the new life goes well, in all aspects. It brings happiness in general, in all aspects of life, and acts directly on those most problematic, according to the need of each one. The magic syllables it contains, represent truth, happiness and love, and they have the property of bringing all kinds of luck, listening and trying to achieve even the most intimate desires of the one who carries it, as long as they do not contradict the magic syllables for oneself or for any others.

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