Love Angel. Bronze

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Bronze pendant.With leather cord. Aprox size: 24 x 27 x 7 mm.

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Material Bronce
Uso Colgantes
Color Oro


Angel of Love: Flowering and protection of relationships.

The Angel of Love is a guardian of our relationships with those we love, whom he protects and cares for. It facilitates mutual feelings to be strengthened and that conflicts and difficulties with others find the way to their solution.

It also allows our kindness to emerge, enhances our capacity to love and makes us receptive to the love of others.

It acts by stimulating the depth of feelings, making them solid and lasting and strengthens relationships that are in their beginnings.

If you give it to a person with whom you want to establish a link, you can encourage it to develop as long as there are incipient positive feelings on the part of the other.

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