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Hopi Feather. Sterling silver pendant


Hopi  Feather. Small sterling silver pendant. With silver chain. Approx. size : 6 x 17 mm.

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**The Feather: Symbol of Spiritual Elevation and Freedom**

The feather, beyond its simple appearance as a light and delicate object, has been a profoundly significant symbol in various cultures around the world. Originating from the Indo-American continent, the feather is associated with spiritual connection and the power of flight, representing the ability to rise above earthly limitations and reach new spiritual heights.

**Spiritual Properties of the Feather:**

1. **Spiritual Elevation:** Like the birds that bear them, feathers symbolize spiritual elevation and connection to the spiritual realm.

2. **Freedom and Flight:** They represent the freedom of spirit and the ability to fly freely, unrestricted, overcoming obstacles and limitations.

3. **Wisdom:** Feathers are seen as carriers of ancestral wisdom, transmitting knowledge and teachings from generation to generation.

4. **Connection to the Spiritual World:** Used in ceremonies and rituals, feathers act as mediators between the earthly and spiritual worlds, facilitating communication with ancestors and spirits.

5. **Protection:** In some traditions, feathers are considered protective amulets, offering protection against negative energies and curses.

6. **Transformation:** Birds molt their feathers, symbolizing transformation, rebirth, and spiritual renewal.

7. **Harmony and Balance:** Feathers represent the balance between masculine and feminine energies, and harmony with nature.

The feather, with its beauty and lightness, invites us to remember our intrinsic ability to rise, transform, and connect with the vast spiritual universe around us. Its presence inspires us to seek freedom, wisdom, and balance in our lives, and to recognize the deep connection we share with the natural and spiritual world.


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