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Unicorns Heart Triqueta . Bronze pendant

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Bronze pendant. With leather cord. Aprox size: 28 x 28 mm.

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Material Bronce
Uso Colgantes


The unicorn is a mythological creature, usually represented as a white horse, with antelope legs, goatee and a horn in the forehead.

Heart. It symbolizes human feelings, especially love, affection, and the capacity of connecting with other people.

Triquetra. Celtic talisman, it symbolizes life, death and rebirth; and the three forces of the universe: earth, water and fire. It represents the triple goddess (maiden, mother, and elder); the equality, eternity and indivisibility. The Whole has three levels: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. The Circle of the Triquetra represents the eternity, and connects the three levels, joining them in only one. With the conversion to Christianity of the Celtic culture, this symbol acquired the meaning of the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and as in the Celtic meaning, the circle represents the eternity.

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