Aventurine Heart Pendant

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Aventurine Pendant. With Braided Leather Cord. Approx. size : 32 x 32  x 14 mm  

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Uso Colgantes
Color verde


Heart. It symbolizes human feelings, especially love, affection, and the capacity of connecting with other people.

Aventurine The name Aventurine is derived from Italian "Ventura", meaning luck. It is attributed the capability of absorbing negative energies. It is recommended for those suffering from stress, nerves or lack of energy caused by illness or working in excess. It is a stone that provides balance between mind and body. It is recommended to people who are afraid of committing uncontrolled acts. Aventurine reinforces leadership and determination; it promotes compassion and empathy, as it strengthens perseverance. Also, it is highly appreciated to counteract geopathic stress. Carrying aventurine protects us against electromagnetic radiation, absorbing it. In the ancient times it was used in sorcery, and in the healing of spiritual or physical wounds.

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