Fidensa. Malachite and Sterling silver Pendant

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Fidensa. Malachite and Silver Pendant. With cord.

Approx. size: 24 x 32 mm

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Material Plata 925
Uso Colgantes
Color Plata


Fidensa. Symbol of confidence, it can be used to erase traumas from the past. It brings security and confidence.

Malachite The stone's name comes from Greek "molochitis lithos", "mallow-green stone". Malachite will protect you from dangers, and will help you face them. It is used for purifying energies and bodies. It is connected with the third and fourth chakra. It can improve your mood; it helps regenerate tissues, and gives emotional balance. Malachite is the intelligence stone, it provides inspiration; it is a creativity symbol. It is a balance stone; it helps channeling your energy, and directs it towards an objective.

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