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Pa Kua. Sterling silver pendant

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Small silver pendant, with silver chain. Approx. size : 14 x 17 mm

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Material Plata 925
Uso Colgantes
Color Plata


Pau Kua. Yin Yang surrounded by eight trigrams, which represent the eight states between absolute Ying and absolute Yang. Each state also symbolizes an element, a part of the body, a family member... The Yin and Yang is the Chinese symbol of universal balance and complementarity of the opposites: good and evil, dark and light, masculine and feminine… Symbol of life.

Flip side: Five Blessings symbol. Originary of the Chinese culture, it was a popular ornament used in dresses and jewellery. It is mainy a symbol of longevity, but it also embodies the five pillars of Taoism: nobility, strength, awareness, responsability and wisdom.

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