Silver moon pentacle

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Silver pendant with silver chain.

Approx. size : 28 x 34 mm

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Material Plata 925
Uso Colgantes
Color Plata


Pentacle with moon phases: Protection, Eternity, Personal Evolution.

The Pentacle is a powerful symbol of protection formed by a five-pointed star that symbolizes man: his feet touching the ground, his arms in the air, and his head rising towards the universal energy from which it comes and forms. The pentacle appears surrounded by a circle, which materializes the unity of man, in which the matter / spirit duplicity disappears and reminds us that there is only one reality, that energy from which everything is composed and that generates life, in which all things are embodied, in which matter cannot exist without spirit.

On the other hand, the Pentacle surrounded by the phases of the moon represents the different stages that man passes through in his transit through life, birth, growth and sunset, being protected in all of them by the Moon Goddess, who accompanies you on your way and brings you well-being and solidity to face everything you find in your wandering around the world.

This is a symbol of the highest spiritual content, which speaks of eternal energy, of the Moon Goddess, of the connection and unity of all things. It is pertinent to use it both for protection and for personal evolution.

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