Diamante Herkimer. Colgante

Herkimer Diamond Pendant


Quartz Herkimer Diamond Pendant mounted in sterling silver. 
Approx. size : 10 x 10 mm

Each stone is unique and may vary slightly from the photograph.

In Stock Entrega 24 - 48h



Its name comes from the town of Herkimer, USA where it was first found. It is also found in Afghanistan and Tibet. It is a very special variety of quartz with a unique appearance, in special and beautiful crystals that possess a unique combination of clarity, amplifying energy, and healing properties. They are appreciated for both their aesthetic beauty and their potential to enhance energy and vitality on multiple levels. 

It has the powers of quartz in high potency and cleanses the soul, aura, and spirit. It absorbs, stores, and releases energy in a regulated manner, with significant cleansing, unblocking, and purifying properties on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. It also favors states of concentration and helps to deepen meditative or mystical states, also favoring intuition and the sixth sense. Here are some other properties:


1. **Amplifying Energy:** Herkimer diamonds are believed to be powerful energy amplifiers. It is said that they can increase spiritual, mental, and physical energy, as well as the intention of the wearer. 

2. **Mental Clarity:** Many people use Herkimer diamonds during meditation or visualization to help clarify and focus the mind. It is believed that these crystals can improve concentration and attention span. 

3. **Energy Protection:** Herkimer diamonds are considered to have protective properties against negative and harmful energies. Some people carry them or place them in their environment to create an energetic shield that provides security and harmony. 

4. **Spiritual Stimulation:** Herkimer diamonds are believed to stimulate spiritual awareness and promote personal growth. They can facilitate connection with intuition and inner wisdom. 

5. **Energetic Healing:** In crystal therapy and energy healing, Herkimer diamonds are often used to balance and harmonize the chakras, as well as to relieve stress and promote emotional and physical healing.


Characteristics of Herkimer Diamonds:


1. **Double-Terminated Crystals:** Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals that have the remarkable feature of being double-terminated, meaning they have sharp points at both ends. This distinctive shape makes them resemble small natural diamonds. 

2. **Transparency:** Herkimer diamonds are usually transparent or slightly translucent crystals, giving them exceptional brightness and clarity. This transparency makes them especially attractive for use in jewelry. 

3. **Color and Clarity:** Generally, Herkimer diamonds are colorless or have a slight smoky tint. The clarity of these crystals is notable, as they are often very transparent and free of visible inclusions.


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