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Starfish. Pewter pendant with cord

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Pewter pendant, unalterable tin, copper and antimony alloy. With cord. Approx size: 28 x 31 mm.

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Material Peltre
Uso Colgantes
Color peltre


The starfish is a symbol of beauty and survival.

STARFISH: Deep love - Growth - Renewal Survival - Creation - Regeneration - Eternal love The starfish symbolizes the ability to live in the most inhospitable environments and the regeneration and growth in the face of loss and pain, those who overcome and in which it is renewed. It is also considered a symbol of deep and dedicated love, which does not stop in the face of any pitfall or adversity and is capable of overcoming all difficulties, emerging from them. It is a symbol of love for oneself and others and allows deepening love ties and perpetuating them