Tourmaline and silver pendant

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Tourmaline and silver pendant. With silver chain.

Approx. size : 10 x 20 (aprox) mm

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Material Plata 925
Uso Colgantes
Color negro


Tourmaline It is usual to find different colourings in the same stone. The dark, black/greenish or azure stones are ferric tourmalines. If the tourmaline is translucent, brown, blue, green or colourless, it's poor in iron. The tourmaline has always been considered a carrier of many virtues. As all the gemstones, it canalises the energy, attracting the positive and neutralizing the negative one. It's very useful for those who are tired, in trouble, or trying to make some changes in their life. It also helps in improving situations of crisis. Physically, it benefits the tranquility, and brings health. Also makes self-regulation easier, so it's useful for meditation.

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