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Celtic Triskelion

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Bronze pendant. Cord and keeping bag included.

Approx. size : 34 mm

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Material Bronce
Uso Colgantes
Color bronce


This Celtic symbol represents the philosophical aspects of the connection of man with the rules of nature that influences his destiny. The circle symbolizes time and infinity, the three antlers the three elements: water, fire and air, which represent respectively soul, body and mind, whose balance grants peace, protection and vital energy. The small circle is the line of life and the double spiral in three directions are the different paths we can take, the different options. The set is a strong protection against bad influences, disasters, and demons. At the same time, it gives vital force to the wearer.

This Celtic symbol, with the three moving spirals. In the Celtic culture, the Druids were the only ones who could wear this sacred symbol. The Triskelion represents the beginning and the end, the eternal evolution, and the perpetual learning. As a talisman, it was used to heal fevers and relieve wounds. It helps in finding balance between the body, the mind and the spirit.

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