Sterling silver arrowhead

Sterling silver arrowhead


Sterling silver pendant. Approx. size : 19 x 35 mm

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Arrowhead: direction, focus, strength, change, and protection. The arrowhead has been a common tool and symbol in many cultures worldwide, both in practical activities and symbolic ceremonial contexts.

An arrowhead is a symbol that has been used throughout history in various cultures and contexts. Here are some symbolic interpretations and possible associated properties:

 **Direction and Focus:** An arrow points in a specific direction, symbolizing focus, determination, and a clear path towards a goal.

- **Strength and Power:** The arrowhead is a symbol of might and strength, historically used as a weapon for hunting and self-defense.

- **Change and Transformation:** In some cultures, the arrow may represent change or transformation, as it is launched forward, leaving the past behind and seeking a new path.

- **Protection:** Historically, arrows have been used as defensive weapons, so the presence of an arrowhead can symbolize protection against negative energies or external dangers.

- **Orientation:** The arrow can serve as a reminder to stay focused on goals and find the right path in life.

- **Courage:** Carrying an arrowhead can inspire inner strength and courage to face challenges and overcome obstacles.

The arrowhead may be associated with symbolic properties of direction, focus, strength, change, and protection.


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